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The Home of Country & Western Music in the South West

Country Music Festivals

The Tavern at Brean Leisure Park is the home of Country & Western in the South West of England. We pride ourselves on bringing you the very best in Country and Western music and entertainment!

Every year thousands of Country and Western music fans gather in Brean for the Brean Country Music Festivals. The Festivals have been successful in attracting large crowds of stetson-wearing country fans from all across the UK. Brean Leisure Park is part of Holiday Resort Unity, the South West’s leading family holiday destination.

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Brean Theme Park
Brean Theme Park

This years Festival runs from...
Friday 23rd September to Sunday 2nd October 2022

Artists in The Tavern include:

  • The Country Superstars
  • Ridgeway Country
  • The Eeze
  • JD Bullit
  • Ryan Payling
  • Caitlin Mae Band
  • Spread Your Wings
  • Chris Mezza
  • The Barhoppers
  • Darren Knight
  • Mickey Page
  • Nashville Bound
  • Glynn Long
  • Donna Wylde
  • Cumberland Road
  • Jeff Gallant
  • Rocky Road Ramblers
  • Cliff Weston

Plus these artists playing at The Bucket & Spade:

  • Ed Cox
  • Henry Birkett
  • Annalee West
  • Peter Shaw
  • Mike Kelly
  • Kenny Jnr
  • Trey Jackson
  • Darren Jones

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Keep your eyes on the HRU App for breaking news nearer the week of the Festival and ALL Entertainment News for Holiday Resort Unity.

Look out for some rootin shootin, don’t forget to put on yer Sunday Best for all the shows and, of course, keep yer eyes open for Injuns!

Brean Theme Park
Brean Theme Park
Brean Theme Park